Roles of:

  • Connector.

    Study Group Mentor:

    Attending weekly or biweekly study group meetings held on a university campus or a training center premises where he/she:

    • Motivate learners to complete the learning track.
    • Facilitate the learning experience.
    • Provide technical guidance to learners.
    • Answer questions related to the learning track.
    • Explain topics that are hard to grasp.
    • Encourage cross learning.

  • Connector.

    Project Reviewer:

    Making a blind technical review of the projects submitted by learners in their learning tracks where he/she:

    • Insert plenty of guiding comments highlighting strengths and weaknesses into the project lines.
    • Assess the overall quality of the submitted projects.

Please note that both study group mentors and project reviewers will be compensated based upon their experience level and the effort spent.

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