• Connector.


    • 60% to 95% subsidy of the learning cost according to the company size:
      1. 95% Startup (less than 5-year old).
      2. 90% Micro (less than EGP 1M of annual revenue).
      3. 80% Small (EGP 1-10 M of annual revenue).
      4. 70% Medium (EGP 10-80 M of annual revenue).
      5. 60% Large (EGP 80M or more of annual revenue).
    • Recognition certificate upon successful completion.
    • Innovation competitions participation.

  • Connector.


    • Egyptian.
    • Employed in ICT/Electronics job in ICT/Electronics company.
    • High degree in 2006 or after with minimum 5 years of work experience in ICT/Electronics or high degree in 2011 or after with ICT/Electronics specialization.

  • Connector.

    Required Documents:

    • Copy of the front and back sides of the national ID.
    • Company endorsement and commitment letter to pay the track fees in case of unsuccessful completion.

* Learners with disabilities receive extra 10% support.

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